Adolf Greenca

Adolf Greenca
Colour Sergeant

NCO of Grenadier Company No.3


You might have heard about me or not.
But to make it short for you, i am eather the devil or an angel to you.

I am the one who keeps the line and your skill in check.
If anything goes wrong or if there is any help needed im always up to help you.
There is a golden rule with me, if you behave you will be praised and loved but if you start things
or be a nuisance you will be delt with without any remorse till the problem is fixed.

And for some regimental history.
I have been playing Mount & Blade for 5 years and my steam time is 1000h.
Been through a lot of difirent regiments and in every type so you can call me a jack of all traits.

68th light company
2nd West Yorkshire
High elves
21st New York
Garde Hussar Regimentet
92nd Gordon Highlanders

From some of the best to the worst. I have been shapen to be a competetive player and a serious one.
But anyway you probably will like it here, as we are both laid back and competative so there will always be room for you.


My steam: Click Here