George Campbell
Company Serjeant Major

Company Serjeant Major of the Centre Company

Greetings Stranger,

My Name is Siefkopf or for short Sief.

I am the Company Serjeant-Major of the No.3 Company.

We are the "Youngest" Company in the 92nd, since we have been formed in february 2020 by the now known Lieutenant-Colonel of the Regiment.

I've been in numerous prestigious Regiments in my time such as the 17e or the German Nr12 and with over 3000 hours in this game and loads of Hours in the competetive Environment, i hope that i can help People with my experience, like
back in the days People helped me with their experience.

The second in Commandship of the No.3 Company is my first Real Command given in Mount and Blade, so i have to learn and Improve my Leadership Skills so that i can serve the 92nd with pride and honor.

Ive been in this regiment for only a few Months now, but i am not planning on leaving it any time in the Future!!

if you have any questions or just want to talk feel free to add me!