John Gordon

Regimental Commander & Colonel-in-chief

Good day!

I'm Lord John Gordon 6th Duke of Gordon, or better known as Wolffe.

Personally I have been playing Mount and Blade: Warband for around 5 years, having 2 steam accounts with at the moment around 800-1000 hours each. I have a long history with Napoleonic Regiments going all the way back to the original Mount and Musket mod where i served as a captain in the "Household Cavalry Brigade". As a 1st Sergeant in the real military the 92nd counts my second job where I apply my experience from the game and real life to help us become a better regiment.

The 92nd is the second regiment that I've ran on my own and im not planning on giving her up!

if you have any questions or just want to talk feel free to add me!

Bydand and godspeed,

My steam: Click Here